Charlynn has been a practicing Wiccan and Witch for the better part of 15 years.  She’s been active in the St. Louis community since 2003.  She is a member of the  St. Louis Pagan Picnic committee as the Programming Coordinator.  Community service is a passion of hers that has opened many doors and led to her involvement with the two covens she is a member of.

Her current focus is on expanding her writing and deepening her spiritual practice.  Sage Offerings is another outlet to help achieve those goals.

She has written articles for E-zines and local newsletters.  Her work has appeared in Witches  & Pagans Magazine, check out the Cover Interview with Ellen Dugan as a part of the Green Issue for 2011.

She has been recently published in Llewellyn’s 2013 Magical Almanac. She has been contracted for the 2014 Magical Almanac as well!

She is also a Column Editor for The Correllian Times.

There are a few things in the works for 2013 already and more will be announced here as it gets close to the publication date!