Fresh starts, clean slates, dawning of a new chapter in one’s life are rare opportunities and should not be overlooked.


I find myself facing that fresh start and while it presents a unique opportunity it is also very daunting.  I moved a couple of years ago but have yet to fully explore the possibilities of community in the area.  I had a new baby, new family, and was trying to get settled in.  Finally, I feel ready to start meeting with others and begin finding that camaraderie of spirit a little closer to home.  This in no way means that I’m giving up my friends, family, and coven in the St. Louis area, but more to the point that I’m able to allow the seeds of friendship to begin taking root here.  I’m ready to start facilitating groups and start teaching here as well as in St. Louis. (I’ll be co-hosting a discussion group with Ellen Dugan on March 22nd at Mystic Valley!)

I’m going to begin blogging about getting ‘Back to the Basics of Magick.’  This will be a series of posts that will outline the foundation that a good magickal practice can be built on. It will also include some of my personal insights and stories that I’ve encountered along the way.  I think everyone needs to begin somewhere and if this is their first exposure to the Craft, then it will provide them excellent footing no matter where their own personal paths may lead.  For those who are a bit more seasoned I think that sometimes we just need to get back to our roots, go back to the basics and in doing so rediscover the mysteries that we’ve forgotten.

The comfortable and familiar try reinsert themselves into the equation and keep one from moving forward. We do things in a certain order and in a certain way each time that we approach creating sacred space, that we perform ritual, that we commune with deity.  While they may work are they stifling our creativity?  Is it preventing us from knowing the deeper truth of ourselves?

I’ve been considering teaching this as an online course so if there is an interest I may do that this summer.  I’d like to have 5-6 students to begin with and the cost would be small for the trial run.  It would be an expanded version of what’s available on the blog and would last several months, cover a few additional topics, require homework, discussions, and a couple of projects.Stay tuned for the first installment of the new series in March.

It’s my hope that you take advantage of all the opportunities that life presents to you!




2 Responses to “Starting Anew”
  1. Natalie runion Says:

    Would be very interested in courses as I have it’s my way in many aspects of my religion. I completed a degree program sever years ago and even taught for a couple of years, then some trajic life events occurred twice in six months and I lost my way for a time. I have been reading some of my beginner books for a little while but feel I need more than that right now. For one thing my memory is horrific, and my motivation is lacking !! I have struggled with regaining my connection with my deities and feel this may be a good thing to do. Please let me know if you decide to take this task on …

  2. charlynn Says:

    Natalie, I’ll keep you in the loop!

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