There has long been a debate over love spells and their casting.  It’s a topic that draws a lot of strong opinions from all sides.  Some of the issues stem from whether or not they should be done at all.  The other side of the coin is if you do the spell how do you do it properly.

Let’s be brutally honest for a moment.  There aren’t too many people I know that haven’t at some point cast some sort of love spell.  Now, it may not have ended up with an obsessive stalker hounding their every move, but let’s face it they seldom turn out well.  The reason for this is really because instead of discussing responsible ways of casting these types of spells we just tell those new to the Craft not to do it.

I think anyone who’s ever dealt with a teenager can tell you the best way to push someone straight into the situation you want them to avoid is to tell them it’s a bad idea!  Loneliness is another motivating factor.  Everyone feels the push to find that special person to enrich their lives.

Here is a little practical advice to keep you from doing more harm than good if you decide to give Cupid a little help aiming his bow.



Cast a Spell for Yourself – Try drawing someone special into your life without a lot of stipulations.  Open yourself up to the possibilities of the universe, put yourself out there and see what happens!

Keep it Simple – The spell should be simple and your intent clear to produce the best results.  The more complex you try to make it the more chances that something can go wrong.

Be Patient – Realize that love takes time.  The universe and deity may throw a few potential partners your way.  It takes time for a good relationship to take root so that it can last.


Cast on Anyone Else – This imposes your will over someone else’s free will.  It’s just bad Karma!

Be Vague or Cryptic – When you cast you don’t want to be vague or cryptic in your spell work.  It leaves the door open for misinterpretation that can be far from what you initially intended.

Rush – Trying to rush a situation with a potential lover will only end badly for you both.


These are a few simple guidelines and by no means are they completely inclusive.  You need to use common sense and take personal responsibility for any spells you cast.  (Yes, I said it…Responsibility!)  If something you put out there goes awry, then you need to take the steps to correct it.  We’ll discuss the how’s and why’s of canceling out such a spell in another post.



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