As many of you know I work on the St. Louis Pagan Picnic Committee.  I’ve been on the committee pretty much continuously since 2003.    It’s been a great honor to be able to serve the community in this area and it happens to be one of my passions.

It all happened long ago, but I happened to open my mouth and make it known to the universe that I was going to get involved in the community once I moved to the St. Louis area.  I know…I know…be careful what you wish for!  Well, I went to a meeting for picnic intending to volunteer a few hours at the event and came away as Programming Coordinator.  Fortunately, I had some good mentors and excellent support so I could get my bearings!  I love my job on picnic and it’s given me a chance to meet some terrific people in the area and some of the more well-known individuals in the greater Pagan community.

picnic 11

Below are links to a few of the video interviews I’ve done at Pagan Picnic over the years! (From these you’d never know I was shy.)   I thought that these would be a fun little extra to put up on the website for your viewing pleasure.  As you can tell from the videos the weather in St. Louis is varied in June, but some years are hotter than others!

Pagan Picnic Interview 2007

Pagan Picnic Interview 2008

Pagan Picnic Interview – 2012






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