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What should have been a great feel good story for those of various Pagan paths became overshadowed on Sunday by the blatant ignorance of a  ‘news’ outlet.  We certainly need to voice our concern as a community for their intolerance.  You can do so by signing a petition here or go here for email addresses of the president and chairman.


However, rather than focus on the negative let’s take a look at the good news that came out this weekend!

In a move toward inclusion and tolerance of religious beliefs, the University of Missouri decided to update their Guide to Religion in order to include the Eight Wiccan Sabbats.   The guide produced by the university outlines both dates of the holidays and their basic practices.  It also provides guidelines for professors to recognize these dates so that they can know when best to schedule exams and activities for their classes.

What we have wanted all along is equality.  Inclusion of our holy days alongside other major religions certainly goes a long way toward achieving that goal.  We have to continue to be worthy of that inclusion and that means that we need to be diligent about advocating for our rights.  We have to know when to stand up and fight intolerance and advocate on our own behalf.  If we don’t do it, no one will!

There will be many who will question the University of Missouri systems inclusion of these holidays, but I applaud their effort toward inclusion!  We need to be able to acknowledge those entities and individuals that look beyond themselves.  Only with their willingness to do so can we continue toward religious equality for all.